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Goddess in Every Girl Goddess in Every Girl, Develop Teen Feminine Power
The Goddess in Every Girl shows you how to make direct contact with your own inner Goddess energy - an energy that allows you to know what you want and to go after it; celebrate your physical body for its many gifts; access your personal reserves of creativity; and take pride and joy in being a female. To connect to the wisdom and power of the Goddess, you only need to slow down, observe the rhythms of the natural world, honor your needs, and reflect on your own experience. To help you take the first steps, M.J. Abadie offers meditations for inviting silence into your life and visualizing a haven of inner solitude exercises for exploring your physical body body and taking an honest look at your sexuality; new ways to view your female family history; and tips for starting and keeping a Goddess journal. Paperback. 259 pages.

Price - $14.95
The Magic Shades The Magic Shades
Don't Believe Everything You See . . .
When Gena finds a pair of cat-eye sunglasses in a thrift store, she gets more than she bargained for. Within a few days, Gena is convinced that the glasses really can show her the future. Anne and Juniper, the other two members of the Fortune Tellers Club, don't exactly share Gena's enthusiasm for her new shades.

But then the glasses show Gena her dad's new girlfriend snooping in Gena's bedroom and her dad lying in a pool of blood in the kitchen! She can't ignore such a dire warning, but is she seeing clearly?

Can the members of the Fortune Tellers Club get to the bottom of this mystery, or are they looking at it all wrong?

Price - $4.99
Tarot Kit for Teens Maria Shaw's Tarot Kit for Teens
Teens who want to discover and unlock their psychic abilities will find no better guide than Maria Shaw, who has a knack for making new age subjects accessible to the young adult market.
Maria covers all the basics, from a smattering of history to in-depth descriptions of all major and minor arcana cards. Common concerns such as how to prepare for a reading, how to cut the cards, how to ask questions, and how to choose the best days for readings are discussed in detail. Sixteen different card spreads, including teen love layouts, the guardian angel/spirit guide spread, and the big question spread, give new readers lots of options.
The deck itself is age-appropriate, containing non-threatening images that are appealing to young adult interests.
Maria Shaw
Price - $19.95
Power Spells for Teens
Did you know that each one of us is capable of working magick? Youve probably made magickal changes in the world and havent even realized it. Maybe you thought it was good luck or coincidence that events turned out in your favor. The truth is that the universe is full of energya mystical, life-changing power that you can direct through spellcraft to create a better world for yourself. In Power Spells for Teens, youll discover how to combine personal will and ritual to unleash your own potent, positive magick. Step by empowering step, youll learn how to invoke a sacred space, call the quarters, give your magick its purpose, understand and use natural elements in your spells, and hone your unique gifts, becoming more attuned to the universe and surer of yourself. Whether its about dating, friendship, health and body issues, family, or school, you can use magickal energy to shape the life you want as you: * Find the wand, athame, and other tools youll use to focus energy * Create an altar as a center for your spellcraft * Recognize your psychic skills and increase your internal power * Tap into the forces of Nature and work with, not against, change * Discover the rhyme and reason of the spirit worldand magick within yourself!br> Price - $12.95
Spellcraft for Teens SpellCraft for Teens: A Magickal Guide to Writing & Casting Spells
Empower, bewitch, and enchant. Written by a teen witch with her own popular website, SpellCraft for Teens contains fifty-five chants and incantations. In addition, it provides a twelve-step guide to casting a magick circle, an in-depth look at the moon phases, and the magical properties of colors, herbs, and charms. From finding a craft name to performing the three types of love spells, SpellCraft for Teens addresses issues specific to young adults, including telling parents about their interest in Wicca and dealing with gossiping classmates.

A Wiccan teen writes a simple, step-by-step guide to following the Wiccan path and living a magical life
An innovative guide that outlines the eleven steps to writing and casting a bewitching spell
Contains a twelve-step guide to casting a magick circle
Provides fifty-five chants and incantations for fourteen magical purposes

Price - $12.95
Teen Book of Shadows Teen Book of Shadows
The Teen Book of Shadows is a wise, practical guide for teens who find themselves drawn to Wicca, and want to learn more about what it means to embrace the Craft. Wicca is not about steaming cauldrons or pointy hats! It is a beautiful, life-affirming faith that embraces nature, tolerance, creativity, individuality, and personal empowerment. Through prayer, rituals, positive thinking, and the occasional spell. Wiccans harness the energy that is always around us and use it for the greater good.

by Telesco, Patricia Price - $12.95
Teen Goddess Teen Goddess: How to Look, Love & Live Like a Goddess
Work with the power and beauty of fifteen ancient goddesses from around the world. The author, a professional stylist, shows you how to access your inner and outer beauty with makeup tips and tricks, costume ideas, color schemes, and goddess hairstyles, and more. Myths, meditations, and magic combine in this guide to girl power.

Price - $14.95
Teen Witch Teen Witch
Silver Ravenwolf, one of today's most popular Wiccan writers, gives you your own handbook on what it takes and what it means to be a real Witch - principles of belief, traditions, symbols, holidays, rituals and more. From vital background information on the Craft to spells for homework and dating, this book contains everything you need to become a pentacle-wearing, spell-casting, completely authentic Witch. Paperback, 251 pages.

Price - $12.95
Teen Witch Kit Teen Witch Kit
Now you can be a practicing Teen Witch, and a force for the good! Everthing you need to step into the realm of the Wise is here-a beautifully illustrated book of instruction plus six magical talisman, salt, and a spell bag. Kit contains: Yes-no Coin , Magick wish cord, Golden money Charm, Sea Salt, Silver Bell, Pentacle Pendant, Quart Crystal, Spell Bag. Includes over 40 mystical spells.

Price - $24.95
Where to Park your Broomstick Where to Park your Broomstick, Teen's Guide
Modern Witchcraft, often called Wicca, has helped millions of people develop a positive, life-affirming connection to the world we live in. Witchcraft instills confidence, is spiritual kung fu for the annihilation of stress and is potent mojo against mediocrity. Need help conquering acne and tough exams? Wish you had better family communication and a hot date for Friday night? Chock-full of spells, recipes (all made from easily accessible ingredients) and advice from real teen Witches, 'Where to Park Your Broomstick' has all the information you need to practice Witchcraft and conjure up a little magick of your own. Paperback, 301 pages.

Price - $13.00
Wild Girls Wild Girls: The Path of the Young Goddess
Wild, reckless, and free, the maiden goddess is the Wild Girl who lives by her own laws. She is the part of a woman's soul that is always questing, always free to move and explore, always free to follow her own heart. She is part of all women-from pre-teens who are just beginning their path to the goddess, to adults who want to reconnect with the passionate girl they once were.

The stories in this book represent some of the many visions of the Wild Girl found throughout the world. Each goddess story is followed by commentary and ideas for activities that will help you connect with the Wild Girl within. You will learn how to:
create your own magical ritual
find your totem animal
make a meditation pillow
write a private dream dictionary
build a personal altar
create a magical power shield

You will also get advice on how to start your own Wild Girls Circle, for the young or the young in spirit. So lift up your voice in a goddess chant, lift up your feet in a sacred dance, or simply be still and contemplate your connection to the Wild Girl-the true embodiment of girl power!

Price - $14.95
Witche's Key to Terror Witches' Key to Terror
Bethany Salem is a pretty normal 16-year-old, except for one thing . . . she's a Witch! From the author of Teen Witch-the wildly popular guide to Witchcraft-comes the third book in the "Witches' Chillers" series of spellbinders. Each book focuses on the strength, courage, and willpower of the teen members of the Witches Night Out Coven to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, with enough magickal practice thrown in to keep you on the edge of your seat.
A devastating fire, a rash of farm accidents, a poisoned apple and a woman's mysterious disappearance-what's happening at the Bindart Orchard? People keep secrets but ravens and rabbits bring messages-if you can decipher them. When Cricket Bindart asks Bethany for assistance, the Witches' Night Out coven is drawn into a dark harvest of danger. Do you dare to join them?

Price - $5.99
Witches' Nite of Fear Witches' Night of Fear
Bethany Salem is a pretty normal 16-year-old, except for one thing . . . she's a Witch! From the author of Teen Witch-the wildly popular guide to Witchcraft-comes the second book in the "Witches' Chillers" series of spellbinders. Each book focuses on the strength, courage, and willpower of the teen members of the Witches Night Out Coven to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, with enough magickal practice thrown in to keep you on the edge of your seat.
When Bethany "sees" a murder before it happens, along with a mysterious three-eyed woman whose image keeps showing up in mirrors and glass, she and the other members of the Witches' Night Out coven decide to investigate. Together, they are drawn into a dark world of illusions and secrets, murder and magick, where nothing is as it first appears . . . and no one is safe.

Price - $5.99
Witches' Night Out Witches' Night Out
Get lost in this riveting novel as the five kids from the cover of Teen Witch join together in the hunt to find a murderer when no one else will even believe that a killing took place, in the thrilling pages of Witches' Night Out by Silver RavenWolf.
The main character is Bethany Salem. She's pretty much like every other sixteen-year-old girl except for one thing: she's a Witch. Five years ago her mother died, leaving her in the care of her father, a New York City cop, who deposited her in the suburbs with a housekeeper who practices Santeria.
Together with her friends, she has formed the Witches' Night Out Coven. One of their first tasks is to do a ritual for their friend, Joe, who died in a car accident. To their surprise, they discover that it was not an accident. Written by the author of numerous books on Witchcraft and Wicca, Witches' Night Out is filled with real magic and spiritual information, not the silly fictions found in some other books. In fact, at the end of this book, you'll discover a real spell for ending gossip. Notice to parents: The author has teenaged children of her own and included things she hoped would inspire her own kids, including a focus on the use of inner strength, courage, and willpower to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. For exciting reading that teaches positive self-image and magic thrown in with a background of excitement, get Witches' Night Out.

Price - $4.99
Witching Stones Witching Stones: For Divination, Magic & Spells
Like a tiny altar in your pocket! Featuring the symbols of traditional witchcraft, modern Wicca, and other pagan beliefs, the Witching Stones are a unique and fun tool for novice witches as well as an effective divination method for more advanced practitioners. As you learn the meanings of each of the thirty-five Witching Stones, you will grow to understand the basic beliefs and knowledge of the Craft.

Infinitely handy, the Witching Stones eliminate the need to carry your cauldron and other tools on a 10-mile hike. Like a tiny altar in your pocket, you can discreetly cast spells and perform rituals anywhere, even at your desk or at the airport!

The accompanying guidebook provides several divination methods, an explanation of the meaning and use of each symbol, and spells for all occasions.

  • Perfect for teens and young adults interested in Wicca
  • Consists of 35 of the essential symbols of witchcraft carved onto modern tiles
  • Less complex and intimidating than other divinatory oracles such as Tarot or runes
  • Instruction book contains seven spells for love, prosperity, protection, and more

    Price - $29.95

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