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Book of Wizardry
• Make and use a magic wand • Find your Wizard name • Build your own Wizard's Castle • See your future with the Wizard's Oracle • Switch on your Wizard's Power • Activate the Wizard's Art of Memory • Call on the greatest Wizard of all time: Merlin himself!

"We are pleased to inform you that you have earned membership in the prestigious Wizard's Guild."
There has never been a book like this before. In the first part, you learn the twenty-two closely guarded secrets to becoming a Wizard. In the second part, you get to test your new knowledge in the "Wizard's Adventure," an interactive magical game. Crack the code at the end of the adventure, and you will be worthy of membership in the Wizard’s Guild.
Those who can meet the challenge will receive, by mail, a package from Wizard Grand Master Cornelius Rumstuckle. Inside you will find your Wizard Guild documents: a magical dedication ritual, a cipher to use for secret communications with other Wizards, PLUS your official certificate of “Wizard in the First Degree.”
  • A children’s (age ten and up) interactive guide to the principles of magic
  • Written by a practicing Wizard experienced in every aspect of the art
  • Contains instructions for energy work, meditation, visualizations, and simple magic
  • Features a solo magical game based on the lessons in the book

About the author Cornelius Rumstuckle is a fourth-generation Wizard with Old World roots. Cornelius learned the magical arts partly from his grandmother and partly from a mysterious tome entitled the Book of Former Misunderstandings bequeathed to him by his great-grandfather, the renowned founder of the Wizards’ Guild, Eliphas O’Shaughnessey Levi of Prague. Cornelius joined the Wizards’ Guild in 1514 and was destined to become its youngest-ever president seventy-eight years later. Today, Cornelius works under an assumed name as a schoolteacher in Minnesota. Cornelius is not related to the Rumstuckles of Vermont.
Price - $12.95
Book of Wizard Craft
For fans of Hogwart's, this is an enchanting book containing the magical secrets of a wizard. It is his intent to pass on these secrets to his apprentice -- you, the reader! Revealed within are instructions on how to make potions that ooze, bubble and smoke; how to acquire must-have gear like wizard’s robes, staffs, and cool stuff like dragon’s blood. Beautifully illustrated throughout by award-winning illustrator Lindy Burnett. Hardcover, 144 pgs.

Price - $19.95
Book of Wizard Parties
More from the same magician who gave us the Book of Wizard Craft. Learn how to create celebrations for all occasions and every season, from Merlin's Birthday Party to a Spirited Druid Halloween Gathering. There are instructions for marvelous things to make, yummy food to feast upon and astonishing stories to read aloud and marvel over. Hardcover, 144 pgs.

Price - $19.95
Witches & Wizards of Oberin
The creator of "The Fairies: Photographic Evidence of the Existence of Another World" uses the same highly manipulated photo-collage technique to present a gallery of images, each of whom is associated with one of the Four Elements. Pictures of elaborately costumed, formally posed live models with blurred outlines into maelstroms of saturated color create an almost abstract & melodramatic effect. Each magic worker comes with a bit of commentary: Orella, Enchantress of the Dawn, for instance, once stopped an army of giants by transforming herself into the scent of orange blossoms; water witches Euromie & Europa united rival kingdoms by changing a river’s course; & Ogma & Malik, Wizards of Illusion, permanently switched day & night for a Caspian village. The descriptive text is printed in a variety of fine scripts & ornamented typefaces on super-glossy paper stock over backgrounds of mottled, intense color. The story line is really secondary to the art; fans of romantic high fantasy & readers who enjoy creating entire imaginary worlds will linger over these mysterious, evocative portraits. Hardcover picture book, 44 pages.

Price - $19.95
Witch & Wizard Training Guide
For anyone who has ever wanted to be a Witch or a Wizard & to make real magic, here is an instructional guide that will show you exactly what to do. Here are proven spells & potions for love, friendship, money, & personal empowerment presented in a simple, accessible format. The straightforward explanations & practical applications are designed for success on the very first try. All of the spells are formulated with positive intention "for the good of all & the harm of none." Among the dozens of techniques here, readers will find everything they need to learn in order to make a magic wand that works, make a magic cloak, set up a magic altar, use power animals, find secret names, make a pooka, & use the tarot & crystals for divination. This book -- sure to delight magic lovers everywhere -- is more than simply a training manual. It also includes lively & detailed information about many historical Witches & Wizards, both real & imaginary, familiar & obscure. Paperback, 186 pages.

Price - $12.95

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