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7 Knob Candle Taper Base Seven Knob Candles w/tapered base
Seven knob candles features a tapered base so that you can place it into a candle holder with ease. There is also a greater definition to the knobs. These candles come in a rainbow of colors.
Price $7.25

7 Knob Candle 7 Knob Candle
7" high imported knob candle. for ritual work and to focus energy.
Price $4.95

Scented Votives Scented Votives
Handmade burn approx. 15 hours
Price $175

Purpose Votives Purpose Votives
Handmade burn appox. 15 hours
Price $1.75

Unscented Votives Unscented Votives
Handmade burn appox. 15 hours
Price $.95

Pillar Candles Pillar Candles
1 1/2" x 9" Pillars. Perfect for the Altar or as Quarter candles.
Price $3.95

Mulit Colored Pillar Candles Mulit Color Pillar Candles
1 1/2" x 9" Pillars. Perfect for the Altar or as Quarter candles.

Blue/White/Red (used for Peaceful Home, Blessing, Love)
Green/Black (used for Good Luck, Prosperity)
Red/White/Green (used for Love, Luck, Spiritual Blessing)
Red/Black (used for Love, Repel Dark Influence)
White/Black (used for Uplifting Vibrations, Repel Darkness)

Price $4.95

Yin Yang Candle Yin/Yang Candle
3" x 6" Pillar Candle Handmade candle has two parts (black and white) that fit together to form the Yin Yang symbol as one candle.
Price $13.95

Charged Ritual Candles Ritual Candles...
Our hand dipped 8" taper candles, magickally charged brand works so well that even professionals who do spells for other people will choose these, rather than make their own charged candles! If you've ever never thought of trying a spell, but have tried self help techniques for internal adjustment, then try one of these. It's easy and rewarding. Just be mindful of the candle as it burns and quiet yourself to accept the new quality/future; there's nothing more required.
Price $4.95

Amulet Pillar Candles Amulet Pillar Candle
Charge your candle work with the help of an amulet, and let your ritual candle work charge and attune an amulet for you to keep! Every time you light these ritual candles, focus your mind on the positive expectation of the result you desire. The power of the ritual candle and your mental focus will boost the power of the amulet, which the candle reveals when it has burned down. Clean any remaining wax from the amulet, and keep it to further the ritual expecation. 6 1/2" tall by 3" dia.
Price $14.50

Pillar Candles Pillar Candle
Hand poured, heavy weight pillar candles in a variety of colors. These candles will provide you with long hours of burning pleasure. 6 1/2" tall by 3" dia.
Price $9.95

Human Figure Male Candles

Human Figure Female Candles
Human Figure Candles...
7" Available in both male and female.
Price $4.50

Black Cat Candle Cat Figure Candles...
6.5" tall. Goddess Bast. Temple Guardian. Protectress of all she surveys & guides into the mysteries.
Price $4.50

Black or White Skull Candle Skull Candles...
3.5" Skull represents all enduring & immortal aspects of life.
Price $10.95

Egyptian Cat Candle Egyptian Cat Figure Candles...
8.5" tall - Black
Price $10.95

Candle: Witch Red
Charming representation of a with and her broomstick. long burning candle. Approx 3" base, and 7 1/4 tall.
Price $5.95

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