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Oil Natural Oils
Finest quality oils (some blended with natural Almond oils).
2 Dram Bottle

Blended scents for special qualities or ritual use
List of Oils and Qualities/Uses.

Single scents
List of Oils and Qualities/Uses.

Foxcraft Mystical Oils
2 Dram Bottle

Blended Scents for special qualities or ritual uses.
List of Oils and Qualities/Uses.

Single Scents
List of Oils and Qualities/Uses.

Oils Anna Riva's Oils
Mystical Oil Formulations from her book, Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils.
2 Dram Bottle
List of Oils and Qualities/Uses.

Natural Oils (Blended) - List of Oils and Qualities/Uses

Aquarius - Inventive, outgoing, progressive; air
Aries - Adventurous & pioneering spirit; fire
Cancer - Sympathetic, resourceful, imaginative; water
Capricorn - Patient, practical, effiecient; earth
Gemini - Communication, versatile, logical; air
Leo - Generous, expansive, creative; fire
Libra - Harmony, diplomatic, easygoing; air
Pisces - Fluidity, intuitive, compassionate; water
Sagittarius - Dependable, jovial & optimistic; fire
Scorpio - Emotion, determined, healing power; water
Taurus - Affectionate, reliable, endurance; earth
Virgo - Discriminating, modest, meticulous; earth
Air - Intellect, communication, travel, wisdom
Earth - Fertility, money, stability, promote peace
Fire - Courage, will power, purification, magick
Water - Love, dreams, psychism, healing
Spirit - Increase awareness or spiritual realm
Jupiter - Meditation, prosperity, spirituality, money
Mars - Sexual/physical energy, protection, courage
Mercury - Eloquence, self-improvement, mind, study
Moon - Prophetic dreams, spirituality, peace, love
Saturn - Longevity, vision, purification, protection
Sun - Energy, protection, success, illumination
Venus - Love, joy, happiness, friendship, meditation
Beltane - April 30th - May 1st
Imbolc - February 2nd
Litha - Summer Solstice
Lughnasadh - August 1st
Mabon - Autumn Equinox
Ostara - Spring Equinox
Sabbat - Holiday, celebration, feast day
Samhain - October 31st - November 1st
Yule - Winter Solstice
Altar - Anoint ritual candles & tools
Astral Travel - Use prior to sleep or meditation
Baby Powder - Calmness & health
Banishing - Drive away negative influences
Black Opium - Opening hidden worlds
Divination - Anoint tools prior to divination
Frankincense & Myrrh - Purification, protection, healing
Healing - To speed healing
Initiation - Use for mystic initiation ceremonies
Isis - Celestial Goddess of magick & mystery
Love - Personal opening & love drawing
Prosperity - Attract abundance, money & riches
Protection - Deflect harmful & negative influences
Psychic - Increase psychic awareness & power
Purification - To cleanse oneself of negativity
Rain - Cleansing & purification
Sage & Cedar - Promote healing/protection, purification

Natural Oils (Single) - List of Oils and Qualities/Uses

Amber - Love comfort, happiness
Ambergris - Psychic ventures, dream
Anise - Clairvoyance, protection, purification
Basil - Wealth, protection, peace & harmony
Bayberry - Protection, control
Balsam - Strength, break up negativity
Bergamot - Attract money, uplift spirits
Cardamom - Courage to face any situation
Carnation - Protection, strength, healing
Cedarwood - Healing, purification, unhex
Cinnamon - Purifying, stimulating, money
Citronella - Cleansing, warding
Clove - Pain relief, intellectual stimulant
Copal - Love, purification, uplifting
Cypress - Comfort, healing, protection
Dragons Blood - Potency, protection
Eucalyptus - Healing, purifying
Frankincense - Astral strength, protect
Frangi Pani - Perfume to attract trust, confidences
Gardenia - Peace, love, healing
Ginger - In rituals/magick, attract money
Heliotrope - Psychic power, attract wealth
Honeysuckle - Money, psychic powers
Jasmine - Love, money, dreams
Juniper - Calming, protection
Lavendar - Cleansing, healing, love
Lemon - Longevity, call spirits, love, energy
Lemongrass - Psychic/mental clarity
Lilac - Warding off, soothing
Lilly of the Valley - Peace/comfort, memory
Lotus - Opening, elevating, protection
Magnolia - Nature, trees, hair growth
Musk - Aphrodisiac, prosperity
Myrrh - Hex-breaking, meditative, healing
Neroli - Confidence, princess, insomnia
New Mown Hay - New beginnings
Oak Moss - Native American, breathing
Orange - Attract men, peace, power, luck
Patchouli - Mastery, love, growth
Pennyroyal - Purifying, water, gout
Peppermint - Energy, mental stimulant
Pine - Grounding, strength, cleansing
Rose - Love, house blessing, fertility
Rosemary - Remembrance, energy
Sage - Wisdom, clarity, purification
Sandalwood - Spirituality, healing
Sweet Clover - Love & faithfulness, protection
Strawberry - Love, luck
Sweet Pea - Attract love, affection, loyalty
Tea Tree - End confusion, increase harmony
Tuberose - Sensuality, serenity, calm nerves
Vanilla - Lust, mental powers
Vetivert - Unhexing, money, peace, love
Violet - Wisdom, luck, love, protection
Yarrow - Courage, exorcism, psychic
Ylang Ylang - Euphoria, harmony, love

Foxcraft Mystical Oils (Blended) - List of Oils and Qualities/Uses

Attract Love - ---
Blue Nile - ---
Fast Luck - ---
Healing Powers - ---
High John the Conqueror - Most popular of all the occult oils; aids wearer in endeavors; promotes mental abilities
Memory Dreams - ---
Money Drawing - Searching for & finding money
Money Success - ---
Mystic Veil - Visions; cure disease; change appearance
Night Queen - Passion; bewitching
Peace N' Protection - ---
Psychic Powers - Expands extrasensory perceptions & telepathic powers
Satyr - Refinement & perpetual youth
Seven African Powers - Love & sexual problems; personal powers & more
Van-Van - Anointing, uncrossing, love
Witches' Sight - Revenge, discord

Foxcraft Mystical Oils (Single) - List of Oils and Qualities/Uses

Amber, Tunisian - Protection
Benzoin - Purification
Dragons Blood - Uncrossing
Frankincense Absolute - ---
Musk Egyptian - Confidence; love
Opium, French - Sex attracting
Patchouli, Tunisian - ---
Rose Geranium - Blessing objects
Sandalwood, Tunisian - Meditation
Tonka Bean - Insecticide; narcotic

Anna Riva's Oils - List of Oils and Qualities/Uses

Abra Melin - Makes others obey your wishes
Anointing - Used to magnatize candles & on other ritual implements
Aphrodisia - To excite or arouse great passion in another; attraction
Bat's Blood - Black Arts; creates discord, tension; voodoo dolls
Bend Over - Bend or influence others to your will; protection from hexes
Better Business - Attract customers with money to spend
Black Cat (Cat Bone) - Lucky scent for gamblers or to anoint lottery tickets
Commanding - To get another to do your bidding
Conjure - Candle magick; attracts spirits necessary to accomplish task
Crossing - Used on dolls or images for hexing; brings aches/pains/troubles
Desire Me - Inspires romance; attraction
Do As I Say - For self-mastery & self confidence
Domination - To force another to your will
Dove's Blood - Use when going to court, or on any peace mission
Dream - Induces quiet, restful sleep; prophetic dreams/visions
Drive Away Evil - Sweeps away hurtful & harmful vibrations
Egyptian Glory - Dedicated to the god, Thoth; helps in decision making
Enchantment - Builds a spellbinding attractiveness and allure for its user
Exorcism - To expel any alien or evil spirits; to heal the bewitched
Fantasy - Causes dreams to come true
Forget Her - Fades painful memories of lost love or broken affair quickly
Forget Him - Fades painful memories of lost love or broken affair quickly
Friendship - Encourages assertiveness & friendliness
Goddess - For women who want royal treatment, respect & admiration
Good Time - Enhances all occassions; lifts spirits & thoughts; good fortune
Hexing - Influences others without argument/resistance
Hex Breaking - Removes curses, hexes & alien forces
House Blessing - Brings untold benefits into your house
Influence - Use when presenting your point of view on any subject
Jinx Removing - For all those in a crossed condition; for stubborn hexes
Keep Away Trouble - Keep away adversity; gives confidence
Lottery - Good fortune, money drawing, gambling luck
Love Drawing - Assists in all matters of the heart - attraction
Love Me - To entice an object of your affections
Return to Me - Draw back an estranged friend or loved one
Secret of Venus - Brings love, good fortune, victory & chastity
Sensuality - Increase your sexual & erotic feelings
7 Day Uncrossing - To free yourself of a burden or get rid of a crossed condition
Spell Breaking - To protect oneself; to undo any magic; voodoo dolls
Steady Work - Bolster your courage/confidence when searching for a job
Teasing Lover - To return magic to a relationship & rejuvenate sagging romance
Uncrossing - Removes all types of hexes, curses & crossed conditions
Vision - Used when calling upon the spirits for messages/guidance
Wolf's Eye - Protective scent for an aura of security wherever it is used

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