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goddess Artemis The Moon Goddess

Her strong association with the moon and the corresponding lunar cycles, makes Artemis the Goddess of female secrets. She also has a strong solar connection because she is the twin sister of the Sun God - Apollo. This is part accounts for her fiercely independent and self-sufficient nature. This balance of sun and moon, and male and female energies keeps Artemis grounded as the representation of the Goddess earth. As Goddess of the hunt, Artemis uses her "moonlight vision" the ability to see clearly through a hazy, muted wilderness. Women who follow the Goddess Artemis develop their own "moonlight vision",which can manifest in vivid dreaming, allowing illumination for the journey within. Explore the moon Goddess in all phases of her glory and worship the moon Goddess Artemis within you!
Price $ 22.99
Seven Goddesses Blossom of the Seven Goddesses

At the center is a seven-pointed star, symbolizing the sparkling light of the Earth Goddess, Gaia; who gave birth to us all! From the stars bursts forth the seven petals, each signifying one goddess. The petals interlace, representing the overlapping of Goddesses within us; theirstrengths and weaknesses apparent in different phases of our lives. The following is a brief description of the Goddess archetypes. Find the Goddesses that most closely resemble who you are, or who you aspire to be. Go within to invoke the power of your Goddesses and the women you've always wanted to be!
Price $ 22.95
Three Graces Three Graces

The Three Graces are the daughters of Zeus and Oceanus. They are called the "joyful ones", the ever youthful companions and attendants of the Goddess Aphrodite. They were names "Thalia" she who brings flowers, "Aglaia", brilliance and splendor, and ‘Euphrosyne", meaning joy and happiness. Just as the Goddess Aphrodite is present in our psyches when we appreciate beauty, the Graces-also inspire us to manifest our inner beauty through creative and artistic endeavors. The Graces are present when we care for and respect our bodies. They enliven our feminine spirits to reflect glowing skin, and shining hair, and a zest for life. They are present when we dress for a special event, or ready ourselves for our lover, just as they attended Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Sensuality. These Goddess possessed grace of movement, grace of manners and grace of love. They were also called the Goddesses of dance. Invite The Graces to dance within you by adorning yourself with the pendant of the "Three Graces" and experience your own beauty and the beauty of the world around you!
Price $ 22.95
jspis Spiral Goddess Pendant

Heavy weight pewter in silvertone. 1 1/2" high. Also works well as a pendulum.
Price $ 8.95
Spiral Goddess Earrings Earring Pair Spiral Goddess, pewter

Approx. 1 7/8" long. Earrings only sold in pairs.
Price $6.95
Goddess Holding Pentagram Goddess Holding Pentagram

Goddess Pendant with upraised Pentagram. Sterling Silver approx. 3" in length. No chain attached. Made in U.S.A.
Price $47.95

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