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The 5 points represent the elements of all creation - Air, Fire, Water & Earth, plus the quality of Spirit which imbues all creation. The circle represents wholeness, eternity.

Pentagram Earwire

Earwire: Pentagram
Sterling Silver Pentacle Ear Wrap Left Ear only. They go on like glasses with the long part behind your ear. They're extremely comfortable to wear, without getting in the way of other earrings. Approx. Size: 1-9/16" x 11/16"
Price $ 38.95
Pentacle Earings

Earring Pair Pentacle Post
Sterling silver pentacle post earrings, 1/4" diameter.
Price $5.95
Pentacle of the Goddess

Pentacle of the Goddess
Comes with a 36" cord
This delicate talisman combines the protective power of the five pointed star with the open flowers of the Goddess.
This pentacle calls upon the life giving powers of the Goddess while conveying its protection upon the bearer. It is worn in respect and honor to our Earth Mother.
Price $ 21.95
Gothic Pentacle

Gothic Pentacle
Comes with a 36" cord
The pentacle has been used and worn as a powerful symbol of protection for thousands of years. It's meaning has roots in philosophy, religion, alchemy, magic and mysticism. The five points of the pentacle can represent the four elements of fire, water, earth and air - the fifth represents - spirit.
Price $ 19.95
Celtic Pentacle

Celtic Pentacle
Comes with a 36" cord
This designs incorporates Celtic Knotwork into the pentacle to make for a powerful talisman. The unbroken lines represents man's eternal quest for spiritual growth and fulfillment of the soul. The power of the Celts and the protective quality of the pentacle make this a truly magical piece!
Price $ 19.95
Pentagram Hecate

Pentagram: Hecate, sterling 1" dia
Sterling pentagram with a tiny garnet embedded in it's center, which happens to be a second, smaller pentagram. This double pentagram is then cradled by a crescent moon, which is mirrored in the larger pentagram. Does not come with chain. Pentagram has 1" dia, cresent moon 1 1/2" wide.
Price $48.95
Pentagram Celtic Blessed Be

Pentagram w/ Celtic Blessed Be
Celtic knotwork, "Blessed Be" surrounds gold-plated pentacle. 1" high, with crescent-shaped bail.
Price $44.95
Pentagram Broom

Pentagram: Broom, sterling 1 3/4" dia
This large pentacle pendant construction is amazingly ingenious. The pentacle itself is formed from five incredibly detailed brooms, forever associated as an important ritual tool. Made of sterling, this pendant is a perfect addition to any collection. 1 3/4" dia.
Price $47.95
Pentagram Gold God Head

Pentagram w/ Gold God Head, sterling
Large, 1 3/4" pentacle formed of female figures with gold Pan's head in the center. Impressive piece, perfect for the High Priest/Priestess in your life!
Price $55.95
Pentacle Chambered

Pentacle: Chambered 7/8" dia, sterling
Small intertwined solid pentacle surrounded by a Celtic knot border with a pocket in the back, almost " deep. Put a piece of cotton dabbed with your favorite scented oil in the pocket, to keep your unique aroma fresh all day. Or, place a small piece of spell paper in the pocket with that special spell written on it. Use your imagination. The options are endless! Approx. 7/8" dia.
Price $24.95
Pentagram Celtic Moonstone

Pentagram: Celtic W/ Moonstone, sterling 1" x 1"
This gorgeous little piece has a large moonstone cabochon embedded in it`s center. Behind the moonstone is a cleverly hidden pentacle, so that one may wear it next to their heart. Woven of sterling silver, this is indeed a splendid item. 1" wide by 1" high.
Price $28.95
Crown Celtic Pentagram Pewter

Crown: Celtic Pentagram, pewter
Lovely pewter crown for ritual wear. Large, 1 1/8" center pentacle has Celtic knotwork, flanked by three smaller, 3/4" interwoven pentacles on each side. Ties in back, adjustable.
Price $ 78.95
Pentagram Symbol Pewter

Pentagram Symbol, pewter
Decorative Pewter Pentagram Symbol. Approx 1 1/2" in dia. Comes with sterling silver box chain.
Price $ 7.25
Love Spell Pendant

Love Spell Pendant, pewter
Approx. 1 3/8" in diameter pendant. Pentagram in center, wide circle exterior, with love spell engraved - "By moonlite night and twisted tree, my true love is now drawn to me." No chain
Price $ 22.95

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