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The Triple Crescent Moon represents the three phases of a woman's life, that of the maiden, mother and crone. It also represents the three lunar cycles of the waxing, full and waning moon. The moon has no light of it's own, it reflects the shining light of the sun. The true moon is dark; like the darkness of the womb, where all life is generated and the dark mystery of our unconscious. The moon symbolizes the dark, yin, feminine contrast to the bright, yang, masculine sun. The Triple Crescent Moon ring can reflect our connection to the Moon Goddess in all of us!

Triple Cresent Moon Ring Triple Crescent Moon Ring
Sterling Silver
Price.... $35.95

Our Rune ring contains a border of never ending Celtic knot work containing four Magical runes.
The X (geofue) rune of Love ensures sexual magic, increased harmony, and mystical wisdom. Also called the rune of Ecstasy.
The P (wynn) rune of Joy strengthens bonds, banishes alienation, and brings happiness and well being.
The M (ehwaz) rune of Trust promotes loayalty between men and women, and offers great joy and sensuality. Also used in rites of fertility.
The K (ken) rune of Passion provides understanding and mutual opening up in relationships. It symbolizes opposites attracting and sexual vitality.
Makes a great handfasting or wedding band set!!!

Sterling Silver Runic Ring Sterling Silver Runic Ring
Sterling Silver
Price.... $38.95

The circle is a symbol of the wheel of life, of endings and beginnings, of life and spirit, it's a connection with the infinite which brings all things together and holds them fast.

Celtic Ring of Life Giving Water Celtic Ring of Life Giving Water
Sterling Silver
Price.... $29.95

It is written that every year on "all hollows eve" the Magical Banshees that have survived the transition into the Christian era, transform themselves into glorious swans who swim upon Magical waters hoping to find their true Love and bring back the Magic of that bygone era. Our depicts this olden ritual.
The Banshee Swans are Guarding the powerful symbol of protection, the Pentacle. Oak leaves and acorns, which were held sacred by the Celtic peoples, are intertwined with Celtic knot work to complete this magical encirclement. This ring is designed to attract Love, bring Protection, and renew the Magic of The Ancients in your Life.

Ring of the Banshee Guardian Ring of the Banshee Guardian
Sterling Silver
Price.... $29.95

This Cross ring is a symbol of the Goddess "Dana", the mother of all the Celtic Goddesses. Its central Spiral, one of the oldest symbols of mankind, represent the Sun, the Masculine life-force and Celestial Partner to the feminine Moon. The design consists of four rays flowing into a Tetraskele, symbol of Luck, Light, Love and Life. Associated the Triple Moon Goddess, this symbol Magically brings forth Harmony and Balance. Revealing inner Truth and hidden relationships. The Tetraskele's magical workings grant great insight into ones destiny with others. We have combined these magical elements into a flowing design that is a charm to drive away evil and bring good luck, long life, Peace and prosperity, laughter, joy to the possessor.

Cross of the Goddess Cross of the Goddess
Sterling Silver
Price.... $26.95

In all cultures, for all ages, we have been blessed with a Guardian Angel to watch over us, guide us, and protect us! A belief in Guardian Angels restores our Spiritual selves and renews our potential for Divine good works on earth. Our belief in Gods and Goddesses, in Fairies, and Angels awakens our Souls from doldrums of traditional religions and hard science.

Guardian Angel Ring Guardian Angel Ring
Sterling Silver
Price.... $29.95


Celtic Cross Ring Celtic Cross Ring
Sterling Silver
Price.... $19.95

Fairies are remnants of a Mythical race who first settled Ireland- the Tuatha De Danann or “the People of the Goddess Dana,” whom inhabit the underground country;Tir na nOg, the "Land of Perpetual Youth". Here they live a life of joy and beauty; they are protected from all ill will, including death and disease. These Faery people are great warriors and Masters of Magic sent to teach Earth's children about love and harmonious living. Carefully guarded by the faeries are the “faery mounds” considered to be a gateway between the “known” parts of Ireland and the mysterious Otherworld Tir na nOg- a domain for the divine race of the Tuatha De Danann. The Dananns rule this world an invisible region “below the ground and beyond the seas”. The Otherworld is accessible through lakes, caves, and most of all the magical faery mounds. Ancient myth explains how each mound possesses a magic cauldron that bestows upon its owner a boundless supply of food, along with other special Magical Powers. They are guarding this knot as if it were one of their sanctified Magical faery mounds.The spirit of the faery lives in all of us, so open up your imagination! Allow your thoughts to fly free and journey back to the days when these wonderous creatures were more than simply a bedtime story!

Celtic Fairy Ring Celtic Fairy Ring Knot of Protection Ring
Sterling Silver
Price.... $29.95

All of the following rings are crafted in sterling silver and are adjustable from small to medium sizes.

Sterling Silver Poison Ring Pentacle Poison Ring
Sterling Silver, pentacle is 7/16" diameter.
Price.... $19.95

Celtic Poison Ring
Sterling silver poison ring with Celtic design on face, and sides of band. Approx 1/4" inside dia of poison compartment.
Price.... $18.95

Moon and Star Ring Moon & Star
Price.... $14.95
Dragon Ring Dragon
Price.... $17.95
Dolphin Ring Dolphin
Price.... $9.95
Snake Ring Snake
Price.... $13.95
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