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Incense Cones...
High quality, handcrafted, charcoal based incense cones. Softly scented & even burning.
Incense Cone / Air
For intellect, communication, travel, wisdom.

Incense Cones / Altar
For use on the altar & smudging tools.

Incense Cone / Amber
For love, comfort, happiness.

Incense Cones / Ambergris
For psychic ventures, dreams.

Incense Cone / Aquarius
For inventive, outgoing, progressive; air.

Incense Cones / Aries
For adventurous & pioneering spirit; fire.

Incense Cone / Astral Travel
Use prior to sleep or meditation.

Incense Cones / Banishing
To drive away negative influences.

Incense Cone / Beltane
For use during the Beltane Sabbat, April 30 - May 1. 20

Incense Cones / Cancer
Sympathetic, resourceful, imaginative; water.

Incense Cone / Capricorn
Patient, practical, efficient; earth.

Incense Cones / Carnation
For protection, strength, healing.

Incense Cone / Cedarwood
For healing, purification, unhexing.

Incense Cones / Cinnamon
Purifying, stimulating, money.

Incense Cone / Citronella
For cleansing, warding off.

Incense Cones / Clove
Stimulating, stress relief, memory.

Incense Cone / Copal
For love, purification, uplifting.

Incense Cones / Cypress
For comfort, healing, protection.

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