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Domination, How to Bend Others
Presents techniques for spellcasting and rituals to bring others under your control, including the Wandering Lover Spell!
Riva, Anna 32 pp. Price - $5.95

Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, Cunningham's
A comprehensive guide to the magical uses of over 400 herbs and plants from all parts of the world, with details into the finer aspects of Magical Herbalism. This reference book is a must for all who perform natural magic. Fully indexed and cross-indexed by name, common names, use, and rulership, and fully and attractively illustrated for easy identification of every herb.
Cunningham, Scott 336 pp., illustrated, Price - $14.95

Earth, Air, Fire & Water
This is a continuation of Cunningham's widely successful Earth Power with more rites, spells and simple rituals that can be done with a minimum of equipment. Discover the wonders of star magic; the uses of candles, ice, snow and magnets; even the fine art of using wishing wells.
Cunningham, Scott 240 pp., illustrated, Price - $9.95

Earth Power - Techniques of Natural Magic
Work with the forces and energies of Nature to bring about desired changes. This book shows how to use these energies, and gives a full range of charms, spells and rituals for nearly every practical purpose.
Cunningham, Scott 176 pp., illustrated, tables, Price - $9.95

Everyday Magic
Are you tired of looking for ritual solutions for today's problems: computer viruses, traffic that drives you crazy, and stress that makes you forget your own name? Everyday Magic updates the ancient arts to fit today's lifestyle. Practice spells for more than 300 purposes, including: Addiction, Childbirth, Computers, Depression, Divorce, Enemies, Inspiration, Sleep, Traffic, and much more.
Morrison, Dorothy 304 pp., appendices, bibliog., index, Price - $12.95

Everday Moon Magic Everyday Moon Magic: Spells & Rituals for Abundant Living
That magical, mystical, glorious Moon-invite Her power into your life every day, from fixing your computer to blessing your pets. You'll learn how each Moon phase affects your spellwork, including the seldom-discussed energies of the true Blue Moon, the Black Moon, the void-of-course moon, and the lunar eclipse. Follow the Moon as She traverses each sign of the zodiac, and discover how each astrological phase affects magic, mundane events, and gardening-and how your personal Moon sign affects your magical work. Includes more than 140 modernized spells, chants, and rituals, along with Esbat celebrations for the Full Moon.
Morrison, Dorothy
Price - $12.95

spellcraft Exploring Spellcraft
Nearly everyone can learn the secrets to casting effective spells. This book shows you how by explaining in simple language what magick is & the way in which it works. You will also learn about magickal times & correspondences, candle magick, the magickal properties of herbs & gemstones, weather working, potion brewing, love enchantments, & much more. Spells for nearly every purpose imaginable can be found within the pages of this illustrated guide to the magickal world of witchcraft. It also can show you how to design your own working rituals to suit your every need. In many cases, ordinary household items & herbs from the kitchen cupboard are the only magickal paraphernalia required. In addition, this book offers an inspiring biographical section drawing upon the wisdom of many great spellcasters known to the last century, a directory of resources, & an annotated bibliography. Whether you are an aspiring witch, an adept practitioner of the craft, a solitary or a member of a coven, this book is sure to be an invaluable & cherished addition to your magickal library. Paperback, 220 pages.
Dunwich, Gerina

Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia: A complete Guide to Cabalistic Magick
One of the most valuable books on the Cabala has a new format which incorporates hundreds of new entries into one comprehensive dictionary. The attributes and association of each demon, angel, power, name of God, Sephiroth, Path, and Plane of the Tree of Life is fully described and cross-indexed.
Godwin, David 832 pp., illustrated, Price - $34.95

Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils
Learn how to use oils for every purpose, including love, luck, success, peace, power, and more. Arranged alphabetically from Absinthe and AC/DA oils to Zodiac and Zula Zula. Includes how to anoint candles, charms, one's body, and other uses. Over 550 oils and 1,300 easy spells.
Riva, Anna 178 pp. Price - $6.95
Anna Riva's oils, discussed in this book are available here.

Good Magic
An illustrated guide to the ancient and modern art of good magic. With this helpful guidebook you will find ways to increase happiness, find a lover, divine the future and more. Includes information on herbs, flowers, stones, crystals, diet, meditation, stress management and more.
Medici, Marina 256 pp. Price - $20.00

Green Magic: The Sacred Connection to Nature
Practice a craft grounded in the powers of Nature, the wildwood magic of the Elementals, of Mother Earth and the Horned God. Kin to star and stone, water and wind, the practitioner of green magic respects the powers and spirits of Nature, and knows how to work with their energies to accomplish magical goals.

This comprehensive guide to the Green Craft focuses specifically on the magical practices covered in the three volumes of Green Witchcraft-and goes even further, presenting information not found in any other book. Become attuned to Nature and to your own magical power with instructions on:

  • How to create and cast spells
  • The difference between a spell's purpose and its goal
  • How to move energy with gestures
  • Stages of energy flow
  • Types of spells within the Green tradition
  • Psychology of Green magic
  • How to access the energies within natural objects

Moura,Ann, Price - $12.95

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