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Incense Sticks...
High quality, handcrafted, charcoal based incense sticks.
Incense Stick / Lavender
For cleansing, healing, love.

Incense Sticks / Lemon
For psychic/mental clarity.

Incense Stick / Lemongrass
Aiding in the development of your psychic powers, the is used by many spiritualists and mediums.

Incense Sticks / Leo
Generous, expansive, creative; fire.

Incense Stick / Libra
Harmony, diplomatic, easygoing; air.

Incense Sticks / Lilac
For warding off, soothing.

Incense Stick / Lime
To increase energy, fidelity/loyalty, uncrossing.

Incense Sticks / Litha
For use during Summer Solstice.

Incense Stick / Lotus
For opening, elevating, protection.

Incense Sticks / Love
For personal opening & love drawing.

Incense Stick / Lughnasadh
For use during Lughnasadh Sabbat, August 1.

Incense Sticks / Mabon
For use during Autumn Equinox.

Incense Stick / Magnolia
Acts as an aid in psychic development.

Incense Sticks / Mars
For sexual/physical energy, protection, courage.

Incense Stick / Mercury
For eloquence, self-improvemnt, mind, study.

Incense Sticks / Moon
For prophetic dreams, spirituality, peace, love.

Incense Stick / Mulberry
For luck & willpower.

Incense Sticks / Musk
For an aphrodisiac, prosperity.

Incense Stick / Myrrh
Meditative, healing, hex-breaking.

Incense Sticks / Myrtle
For fertility, love & good fortune.

Incense Stick / Nag Champa
The most popular incense scent in the world!

Incense Sticks / Narcissus

Incense Stick / Neroli
For new beginnings, uplifting.

Incense Sticks / New Mown Hay
For new beginnings, uplifting.

Incense Stick / Night Queen
For peace & tranquility.

Incense Sticks / Oakmoss
For prosperity, lust, strength & earth.

Incense Stick / Orange Blossom
Puts one in a marriage mood, bringing proposals from hesitant lovers.

Incense Sticks / Oakmoss
For prosperity, lust, strength & earth.

Incense Stick / Sweet Orange
Burn to attract men, peace, power, luck.

Incense Sticks / Ostara
For use during the Spring Equinox.

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