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Incense Sticks...
High quality, handcrafted, charcoal based incense sticks.
Incense Stick / Patchouli
For love, growth, mastery.

Incense Sticks / Peach
For love & wisdom.

Incense Stick / Pennyroyal
Cooperation between parties, especially in financial transactions.

Incense Sticks / Peppermint
Spices up your life bringing new and exciting adventures your way.

Incense Stick / Pine
For grounding, strength, cleansing.

Incense Sticks / Pisces
For fluidity, intuition, compassion; water.

Incense Stick / Prosperity
To attract abundance, money & riches.

Incense Sticks / Protection
To deflect harmful & negative influences.

Incense Stick / Psychic
To increase psychic awareness & power.

Incense Sticks / Purification
To cleanse oneself of negativity.

Incense Stick / Rain
For cleansing & purification.

Incense Sticks / Raspberry
For love & protection.

Incense Stick / Rose
For love, fertility, house-blessing.

Incense Sticks / Rosemary
For remembrance, healing, energy.

Incense Stick / Rue
Protection from hexes and curses. Good Fortune.

Incense Sticks / Sabbat
Use during any Pagan holiday, celebration, feast day.

Incense Stick / Sage & Cedar
To promote healing/protection, purification.

Incense Sticks / Sage
For wisdom, purification, clarity.

Incense Stick / Sagittarius
Dependable, jovial & optimistic; fire.

Incense Sticks / Samhain
For use during the Samhain Sabbat, Oct. 31 - November 1.

Incense Stick / Sandalwood
For protection, healing, spirituality.

Incense Sticks / Saturn
For longevity, vision, purification, protection.

Incense Stick / Sweet Clover
For love & faithfulness, protection.

Incense Sticks / Scorpio
For emotion, determined, healng power; water.

Incense Stick / Smoke Eater
For removing the smell of smoke from an area.

Incense Sticks / Spearmint
For healing, love; soothing scent.

Incense Stick / Spice
For adding excitement to one`s life.

Incense Sticks / Spirit
To increase awareness of the spiritual realm.

Incense Stick / Strawberry
For love, luck.

Incense Sticks / Sun
For energy, protection, success, illumination.

Incense Stick / Sweet Pea
For attraction, friendship, strength.

Incense Sticks / Tangerine
Adds strength to magical practices, excites the senses and increases interest by a lazy lover.

Incense Stick / Taurus
Affectionate, reliable, endurance; earth.

Incense Sticks / Tea Tree
To eliminate confusion, increase harmony.

Incense Stick / Temple
Use in your sacred space.

Incense Sticks / Tropical Rain
For new beginnings.

Incense Stick / Tuberose
To excite, increase sensuality, serenity, calm nerves.

Incense Sticks / Universal
For enhance positive magical workings.

Incense Stick / Vanilla
For mental powers, lust.

Incense Sticks / Venus
For love, joy, happiness, friendship, meditation.

Incense Stick / Vetivert
For unhexing, money, peace, love.

Incense Sticks / Violet
For protection, luck, love.

Incense Stick / Virgo
Discriminating, modest, meticulous; earth.

Incense Sticks / Water
For love, dreams, psychism, healing.

Incense Stick / Watermelon

Incense Sticks / Yarrow
For love, courage & purification.

Incense Stick / Ylang Ylang
For love, euphoria, harmonizing.

Incense Sticks / Yule
For use during the Winter Solstice.

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