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Incense Sticks...
High quality, handcrafted, charcoal based incense sticks.
Incense Stick / Desert Rain
For giving energy in times of spiritual drought.

Incense Sticks / Divination
Smudge tools prior to divination.

Incense Stick / Dragon`s Blood
For protection, potency.

Incense Sticks / Earth
For fertility, money, stability, promote peace.

Incense Stick / Egyptian Musk
For good judgement and wisdom of the ancients.

Incense Sticks / Eucalyptus
Healing & purifying.

Incense Stick / Fire
For courage, will power, purification, magick.

Incense Sticks / Frankincense
For protection, astral strength.

Incense Stick / Frangi Pani
For warding off, opening.

Incense Sticks / Frankincense & Myrrh
For purification, protection, healing.

Incense Stick / Gardenia
For love, peace, healing.

Incense Sticks / Gemini
Communication, versatile, logical; air.

Incense Stick / Geranium
Hex Breaker. Lifts the spirits and expels negative energy.

Incense Sticks / Healing
To speed healing.

Incense Stick / Heliotrope
Attraction of wealth, Protection of physical form.

Incense Sticks / Hi John
For strength, confidence; prosperity.

Incense Stick / Hollyberry
For Yule season merriment.

Incense Sticks / Honeysuckle
For money, psychic powers.

Incense Stick / Honeydew
For soothing refreshment.

Incense Sticks / Hyacinth
Attract love and luck. Attributed to prevent insomnia.

Incense Stick / Imbolc
For use during the Imbolc Sabbat, February 2.

Incense Sticks / Initiation
Use for mystic initiation ceremonies.

Incense Stick / Isis
Celestial Goddess of magick & mystery.

Incense Sticks / Jasmine
For love, money, dreams.

Incense Stick / Jupiter
For meditation, prosperity, spirituality, money.

Incense Sticks / Kyphi
Attract love, power, success; banishing.

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